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Retail Management & Point of Sale

NCR Counterpoint includes robust point-of-sale, inventory management software, built-in customer loyalty, automated purchasing, and configurable reporting capabilities.

IT Management
IT Management
Smart Purchasing
Manage vendor items, costs, and lead times. Automatically create purchase orders for preferred vendors or the vendors with the lowest costs.

Receive merchandise with or without a PO and automatically transfer the right quantities to other retail locations. You can even set prices as you receive items, based on target margins you define.

Take Stock
Track everything you sell with our retail management solution. Check prices and quantities across locations and transfer products between stores.

Data-driven price rules let you quickly set up promotions or contract pricing, while forecasting tools help you maintain ideal stocking levels and control your inventory costs.

From end-of-day summaries that help you close your retail store to detailed analysis tools that let you study your sales from every angle, NCR Counterpoint includes a variety of reports that are designed to provide the information you need to make critical business decisions.

View, print, export, and e-mail any report. Create quick reports on the fly from search results.

Secure Access
Multiple levels of security and PCI DSS 2.0 compliance make our retail POS solution the most secure environment for your data. Protect your system using Windows or SQL authentication and make your password policy PCI-compliant with a single click.

Support for fingerprint readers and user ID cards let your employees log in without having to remember their passwords, while user-specific security settings let you control who is allowed to access sensitive functions.

Expand your Business
NCR Counterpoint grows with your business, allowing you to incorporate features and options into your retail point of sale software as you need them. Add support for more pricing levels, accounts receivable, serialized items, gift registries, and manufactured goods.

Open an eCommerce site, market through e-mail campaigns, monitor store activity via e-mail or text, and mobilize your store with iOS devices.

Inventory Management

NCR Counterpoint offers a powerful inventory management solution including a top of the line inventory management software and tracking system. Our dynamic point of sale system for managing inventory includes a customizable matrix, reporting, loss prevention, variable pricing and much more.

IT Management
IT Management
Complete Records
Record everything you need to know about your merchandise in our inventory tracking software. Group items by category and sub category, assign multiple vendors, units, and barcodes to each item. Track apparel by SKU and big-ticket items by serial number. Print labels on demand.

Search your inventory from anywhere in NCR Counterpoint so that information is always at your fingertips. NCR Counterpoint’s inventory management software offers a complete set of inventory management capabilities that ultimately improve the flow of your business.

Managing and pricing your inventory correctly makes for a more efficient and profitable company.

Assign up to six prices for each item. Price by store or by color/size with location-specific and SKU-specific pricing.

Bundle Items
Group, sell, and track related items in bundles with kit functionality. You can track items in a specific bundle, in loose combinations, or as finished goods.

Create tag-along kits, which allow you to assign “tag-along” items, like delivery or service fees, to any inventory item. Or use bills of material to define, assemble, and sell manufactured goods from their component parts.

Transfer Merchandise
Transfer inventory easily between stocking locations. Receive inventory at a central location, and then transfer the right quantities to your other locations.

The Transfer Advice report suggests items and quantities to transfer based on maximum stocking levels or replenishment calculations, making it easy to figure out the best way to distribute your merchandise.

Physical Count
Count your items and track variances with a complete physical inventory system. Freeze specific items, categories, or locations and count part of your inventory while operations continue in other areas.

Enter counts manually or import them from handheld scanners, including iOS devices running NCR Counterpoint Mobile. Automatically adjust items for which the count varies from the frozen quantity.

Self Analysis
NCR Counterpoint includes more than 40 reports that provide current and historical information about your inventory, helping you make pricing, merchandising, and purchasing decisions, increase your turn rate, and maximize your gross margin return on investment (GMROI).

E-Commerce Integration

Seamless integration with your retail management system means less administration. Online quantities and prices are always up-to-date, and online orders show up automatically in your point of sale. There is no need to maintain product information in multiple places.

IT Management
IT Management
Make Changes Once

There is no need to maintain product information in multiple places.

All catalog information for your website such as item information, prices, and quantities, is imported directly from NCR Counterpoint. Add merchandise or update a price or an item description in your point of sale system, and your website will be updated automatically.

Maintain a Centralized Inventory

Sales made at your store reduce the quantity of goods offered online. You don’t need to maintain inventory in two locations, and you won’t disappoint your customers by offering out-of-stock items.

With an integrated solution, your item quantity information is always up-to-date.

Import Orders Automatically

Seamless integration with your point of sale system means less administration. Orders placed online are imported into NCR Counterpoint automatically decreasing staff labor and data entry errors.

Expand Online

NCR Retail Online makes it easy to sell online with the features you need and an eCommerce site built on a solid platform that’s designed for growth.

Mobile Point of Sale

Run your business from the sales floor as you help customers find products and ring up sales right on the spot. Mobility also allows you to sell your products wherever your customers are gathering: events, sidewalk sales, and trade shows.

IT Management
IT Management

Manage Your Inventory

Sell Anywhere

Connect With Customers