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Front Office

As the initial point of contact between the property and guests, this module group incorporates modules such as Front Office, House Keeping, Call Monitoring and a comprehensive Mobile Guest Application.

IT Management
IT Management
Front Office
The Front Office System is the heart of any property as it is the primary guest facing system. The critical success of the front office system is its ability to perform quick and accurate check-in and check-out functions.
House Keeping
A hospitality environment is usually judged by its appearance; imagine checking into a hotel and discovering that the surfaces are dirty and the linen is stained! Bad housekeeping can be a total put off for customers and the chances of recurring business diminish significantly.
Call Monitoring
The WINHMS call monitoring module provides logging and monitoring of outgoing telephone calls made from all rooms. The system computes call charges based on settings within the system and automatically posts charges to the guest's room.
Mobile Application
The WINHMS mobile application has been developed to work flawlessly on an android tablet. Guests have the ability to access all guest related services provided by the property. Guest authentication is provided for each guest utilising individual guest usernames and passwords. Basic guest services include check-in, registration with electronic signature and self-photo, check-out, future bookings and e-concierge services.

Back Office

Tight control of all internal hotel operations is critical to both efficiency and profitability. This module group incorporates modules such as Accounting, AR/AP, MIS and Budgeting.

IT Management
IT Management
General Ledger
The WINHMS Accounting module labelled the "General Ledger" is one of the core modules featured within the back office software segment. Financial accounting is provided via the General Ledger module which efficiently handles all the accounting needs of the property.
Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable
The WINHMS Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable module is an advanced module that manages both the payable and receivable components of back office operations. Accounts payable is a productive accounting solution that maintains strong financial control, prevents duplicate entries and ensures timely payments. Support is provided for cheque printing for party payment advances and other payments.
Management Information and Budgeting are key focal points for any property that is interested in tightly managing its operations. The WINHMS MIS and Budget module provides the ability to generate department-wise profitability with budgets vs actuals variance analysis within a single accounts book. Departmental profitability is provided monthly and cumulatively.

Material Management

Purchasing and receipt of materials and tracking of usage are covered in this module group which manages the properties material usage. This module group includes purchasing, inventory and F&B Costing.

IT Management
IT Management
The WINHMS Inventory / Material Management system is a comprehensive tool that enables management of multiple stores and locations. Both Moving Average Rate and FIFO stock valuation methods are provided. Stock management options include expiry item-wise inventory, re-order based inventory, minimum and maximum stock control.
The WINHMS Purchasing module is a comprehensive purchasing system that steamlines the procurement process through many intuitive functions and features. The goal is to achieve tighter cost control and eliminate inefficiency through a combination of automated features and reporting functionality.
F&B Costing
The F&B Costing module is a key add-on to the customer facing POS and Banquet modules. Integration is also provided to the accounting menu so that costs and expenses are tightly integrated and tracked. F&B Costing comprehensively covers various costing methods, recipe management, menu engineering, banquet costing, yield management, purchase requisition, BOQ, RFQ and price comparison.


The POS unit is a critical component of each property that enriches the guests experience at each of the properties F&B outlets. This module group provides information on the point-of-sale and table reservation system products.

IT Management
IT Management
The WINHMS Point-of-sale (POS) system has been deployed in a variety of restaurants and bars both in standalone form and with integration to the WINHMS ERP. The POS system includes interfaces to most main stream front office systems. One of the key requirements of any POS system is its ability to be intuitive and easy to use with minimal training - this is one of the key features of the WINHMS POS.
Table Reservation System
The table reservation system module is an independent system where reservations can be performed from any desktop computer. The system is also provided in point-of-sale format thereby providing POS users the ability to create bookings. Walk-in guests, in-house guests and expected guests are supported. Detailed reservation history is maintained including visit statistics and bill and settlement data.